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Internet Governance Forum Greece

For a democratic and united Internet

What is IGF Greece?

Internet Governance Forum Greece is the Greek initiative within the IGF network of the United Nations, which focuses on the organization of the annual conference on Internet Governance in Greece.

ΔΙΑΚΟΣΜΙΤΙΚΟ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΟ - ΣΗΜΕΕΣ ΠΟΛΛΩΝ ΚΡΑΤΩΝ ΜΑΖΙ / Design element - Flags of Different Countries together
ΔΙΑΚΟΣΜΙΤΙΚΟ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΟ - ΜΕΓΕΝΘΙΤΙΚΟΣ ΦΑΚΟΣ ΠΟΥ ΒΛΕΠΕΙ ΤΗΝ ΠΟΛΗ / Design element - Magnifying lens that focuses at the city

Our purpose

IGF Greece is a discourse platform on current issues surrounding the democratization and governance of the internet and the future of our technology-driven society.

By providing a framework for dialogue, we are creating a basis for policy proposals supporting fair and transparent internet governance.

What is the process of IGF Greece?

IGF Greece operates through a truly participatory and open bottom-up consultation process.

Through a dialogue involving all stakeholders, we shape the the present and future of internet governance in Greece and Europe and ensure the participation of the Greek digital community throughout the preparation and realization of the annual conference.

ΔΙΑΚΟΣΜΙΤΙΚΟ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΟ - Παλάμες ανθρώπων η μία πάνω στην άλλη - αντιπροσωπεύοντας την ομαδικότητα / Design Element - Palms of people on top of each other - representing teamwork


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for coordinating all basic procedures and groups operating within IGF Greece, as well as the logistical preparation of the conference.

Multistakeholder Committee

The Multistakeholder Committee consists of experts representing stakeholder groups affected by digital policies, ensuring the participation of all social groups in the formation of IGF Greece.

Under the auspices

Strategic partners

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